BRM donates a model railway layout to the Rocks by Rail railway

05 May 2021
Rutland's only railway museum, Rocks by Rail, were looking for a model railway to entertain visitors - and BRM were happy to donate the perfect layout for their needs.

As the museum looks toward escaping Covid restrictions, they were re-arranging their entrance and cafe facilities. This left them with a corner that would be the perfect site of a simple model railway, but the volunteers didn't have the time to build one.

Fortunately, BRM's Phil Parker was looking for a new home for his train set based on a Hornby Family Fun Project built for the March 2020 issue of the magazine. A quick discussion with Ian Smeeton from the museum saw them offer to take it on.

The handover was delayed by the pandemic, but finally, the model was transported and set up in the visitors centre last week.

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You can find out more about Rocks by Rail from their website.

Read how we build the layout and enhanced the basic Hornby project.


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