Bristol Lodekka bus winner

21 May 2020
We reached out to our fans on our social media channels and asked them where they'd place this B-T Models 1:76 scale Bristol Lodekka bus on their layout for a chance to win it.

We received some great suggestions, but our chosen winner is David Drury, who suggested he'd place it on his newly-constructed bridge. Congratulations, David, thanks for sending us the photograph. The bridge looks teriffic, but we felt it looked a little bare. Hopefully your new model can change that...

David Drury's winning suggestion. Great work on the bridge!

David explains how he made his bridge, "It's made up from two Scalescenes girder bridges, modified to fit the the space. The road surface is done using 3DK road texture sheet and the footpath is from a 3DK station platform kit. It's my first layout for 40 years after having to stop work due to ill health."

We received more suggestions via email, too. Matthew Peat sent us this photograph of where he'd place the bus in his kitchen...

"I'm a big bus and train fan and collect models and photographs of them. This space looks great for a small bus to fit in nicely", he said.

Eric Taylor suggested it would find a home at the front of his layout, replacing the RT in the foreground...

Eric Taylor

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Nice layout, Eric, we look forward to sharing more photographs of it with our readers in BRM.

Scott Clarkson said he'd put the bus at his level crossing, or in the station car park as a rail replacement bus...

Scott Clarkson

We like what we can see of your layout, Scott – a nice mixture of kits and ready-to-plant buildings, with subtle weathering.

Tony Burgess found two locations on his layout where he'd like to place the model...

Tony Burgess


Thanks to all who took part for sharing their layouts and ideas with us. Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels for our latest prizes!


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