Brimal Components reveals new controller range

02 September 2021
Customisable with latching toggle switches and LEDs, expandable, and available in panel-mount format soon too, the manufacturer shares its latest developments.

Model railway electronics specialist, Brimal Components, has manufactured a new range of model railway controllers, available in stand-alone and panel-mount guises.

Brimal Components Control Panel

Its CP010, CP020 and CP450 analogue (DC) controllers are supplied in a black plastic sloping console, with throttle wheels. Pre-drilled toggle switch holes in each unit for accessories are blanked from the manufacturer, but can be removed by the end user to install switches and LEDs to control signals, points and other accessories.

Brimal Components Control Panel

Its CP010 single channel analogue control panel with forward/reverse switch measures 220mm wide, 140mm front-to-back, 46mm high at the back and 20mm at the front. The console sits on non-slip feet, and has one input, and two outputs. Accessory toggle switches and LEDs aren't supplied.

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Controllers use Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to control output voltage with greater precision. Brimal Components also supplies accessory switches and LEDs suitable for its range of controllers, too.

For the full specification of its new range of controllers, visit the Brimal Components website.


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