BREAKING: Heljan enters 'TT' market with new locomotive

14 June 2022
A RTR Class 31 locomotive is revealed in 1:120 scale by the manufacturer, delivery of which is expected in 2023.

CAD images have been released of a new RTR locomotive for 1:120 scale / 12mm gauge. Following Peco's announcement last week of a new range of 1:120 scale / 12mm gauge track, Heljan UK is the first manufacturer to declare a British-outline RTR product, with the announcement today of a Brush Type 2 for the scale. First model releases are expected, late-2023.

Revealed as part of its first Trade Newsletter, Heljan UK has worked with its partners at Gaugemaster and Peco to introduce five variants of the A1A-A1A locomotives, in original condition.

Heljan Class 31 TT

Heljan said, "Retailers will no doubt be aware of the recent unveiling by Peco of the first items in a new range of British 1:120 scale TT products. Working with our partners at Peco and Gaugemaster we are delighted to announce the first ready-to-run British 1:120 scale locomotive – a Brush Type 2/Class 31 diesel locomotive."

WATCH: Howard Smith interviews Heljan's Ben Jones about the new model in the video, below:

Heljan continued, "CAD work is well advanced and we expect to move to the tooling stage shortly. The initial production batch will feature five models in BR green (with/without small yellow warning panels), BR green with full yellow ends and BR Rail Blue. Further models in refurbished condition for the 1980s and beyond will follow if there is enough demand."

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Heljan Class 31 TT

Models proposed are as follows:

  • (3160) BR Green Brush Type 2 D5637
  • (31603) BR Green Brush Type 2 D5637 DCC SOUND
  • (3161) BR Green Brush Type 2 D5847 (small yellow panels)
  • (31613) BR Green Brush Type 2 D5847 (small yellow panels) DCC SOUND
  • (3162) BR Green Brush Type 5820 (full yellow ends)
  • (31623) BR Green Brush Type 5820 (full yellow ends) DCC SOUND
  • (3163) BR Blue Class 31/1 (early/headcodes) 31136
  • (31633) BR Blue Class 31/1 (early/headcodes) 31136 DCC SOUND
  • (3164) BR Blue Class 31/1 (late/dominoes) 31198
  • (31643) BR Blue Class 31/1 (late/dominoes) 31198 DCC SOUND
  • (3165) RTC red/grey/black/white 31970
  • (31653) RTC red/grey/black/white 31970 DCC SOUND

Heljan has said that more information on other planned models will be confirmed later, but that it has already identified the Hunslet ‘Austerity’ 0-6-0ST and Class 08 0-6-0 shunter as 'possible future projects' in TT.

Heljan Class 31 TT

The manufacturer added, "We hope that this will be the start of something very exciting for British railway modellers, with TT filling the gap between OO and N. However, unlike those long-established scales (and unlike ‘old TT’, which featured 1:100 scale bodies on 12mm gauge track), everything will be to the same scale."

For further details, see your local Heljan stockist, or visit the Heljan UK website.



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