‘Black Five’ for ‘O’ – first prototype emerges

11 February 2022
Now expected to arrive in Q3/4 2022, Ellis Clark Trains shares images of its forthcoming LMS/BR 4-6-0 locomotive.

Despite some delays, Ellis Clark Train's model of the Stanier-designed LMS/BR Standard 5 has progressed, as witnessed through a new set of photographs released. The 4-6-0 'Black Five' is to be retailed exclusively through Ellis Clark Trains and produced in an impressive 17 variants, covering running numbers 5225-5451 (45225-45451), with a choice of welded or riveted tenders. Models are to be produced DCC-ready, with an option for DCC sound, or DCC sound and synchro smoke effect.

The model will cover the long firebox version from the batch of 227 locomotives built by Armstrong Whitworth in 1936/7. Read the model specification here.

black five snowplough

black five snowplough

The model without and with snowplough fitted. Boilers, frames, running plate and wheel centres are die-cast for weight, improving traction.

Black Five interior detail cab

Images highlight the materials used – injection-moulding for its detail, die-cast components for strength and weight, while brass tender overlays are easily swapped to represent riveted or welded types.

Black Five front view Elis Clarke Darstaed

Detail on the model appears accurate, with cylinder drain cocks and footstep chequer treadplate areas of interest.

Black Five rear view Elis Clarke Darstaed

Sprung turned brass buffers (and sprung couplings not yet fitted) will complete the look of the model.

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The first RTR locomotive from the manufacturer is expected to raise the standard in O gauge RTR steam for its high level of detail. Models are to be fitted with an ABC Helical gearbox, built, fitted and tested in the UK, powered by a Maxon motor with ball bearing racers. DCC sound models are to be fitted with Zimo decoders and a custom sound project, with a 'boom box' double speaker located inside the locomotive.

Cab interior detail from images seen looks impressive, though we have yet to witness the firebox glow promised. Meanwhile, smooth running, better rail contact and adhesion is expected from sprung axleboxes. Removable working locomotive lamps are to be supplied with models.

Ellis Clarke Trains tender detail

Ellis Clark Trains offers a bespoke range of weathering and numbering services, available to pre-order with models.

For further details, current pricing and availability, visit the Ellis Clark Trains website.


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