Bespoke railway totems from Cervine Design

16 November 2021
A 3D design and print service company creates a new product for railway enthusiasts.

A range of custom magnetic railway totem signs has been created by Cervine Design. 3D-printed to customer designs, and supplied painted, the small totems can be used as small scale promotions, perks, or giveaways for supporters or volunteers.

Scott Oakley of Cervine Design said, "I've recently started custom 3D printing railway totems for Etsy. For companies and charities who wish to sell their designs to customers in their gift shops, I can supply batches of identical totems at a lower piece cost after initial investment to have a mould developed."

Outside of its products retailed online via Etsy, Cervine Design offers CAD services for hobbyists and creators, too, such as design for 3D-printing, design for laser cutting or machines, scenery, mechanisms, accessories and structures.

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For further details on the new range of totems, visit the Cervine Design website.


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