Bees Hill Models reveal N gauge APT-P kit

24 September 2021
After developing a model for his own use, Steven Hill was persuaded by other modellers to turn it into a kit they could buy. The first samples were shown at TINGS.

The result is a range of kits and vinyls for the Advanced Passenger Train Prototype sets. Versions with the nose both up and down are available.

The APT-P vinyls are designed to wrap the entire vehicle, so no painting is needed, apart from the Power Car roof. Extensive research has been carried out to make these as accurate as possible with correct numbers and livery variations covering the all-to-short life of these trains from 1978 to 1987.

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The available vehicles are as follows:

    Driving Trailer Second (DTS)
    Driving Trailer Second (DTS) with nose raised for towing
    Trailer Second (TS)
    Trailer First (TF)
    Trailer Unclassified (TU) - this is a first-class vehicle but no yellow stripe
    TRSB (Trailer Buffet Open Second)
    TFB - Trailer Brake First - this is the adjacent coach to the power car
    M - Power Car (Full kit with bogies for haulage)
    M - Power Car (Body only to fit TM-18 chassis)

The kits are 3D printed to order, so please allow up to three weeks for delivery. Bodyshells are available from Bees Hill Models and the vinyls from ElectraRail Graphics.


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