Bedford OB bus promised for 1:76 scale

16 June 2022
"Tough decisions on what we can tool, and what we can’t", says Rapido Trains UK, on its latest road vehicle project.

Promising working steering and three body styles, Rapido Trains UK has unveiled a new model bus for 1:76 scale. Designed to be compatible with OO, and OO9 gauge model railways and dioramas, and appeal to collectors in the popular scale, the manufacturer is taking orders for a Bedford OB, and recommends ordering now to avoid disappointment.

Rapido Trains UK Bedford OB

The model is in tooling and EPs are expected in the next few months. Models are expected to arrive late-2022 / early-2023, and the following variants are promised:

  • 920001: GAM338, Pearce & Crump*
  • 920002: LKM55, East Kent Road Car Co
  • 920003: HOD75, Western National Omnibus Co
  • 920004: LTA750, Royal Blue Coach Services
  • 920005:EDL638, Southern Vectis (dark green)
  • 920006: GWS468, Edinburgh Corporation
  • 920007: FWO615, British Railways crimson/cream
  • 920008: HAA874, Hants & Sussex
  • 920009: FWW596, West Yorkshire Road Car
  • 920010: LRO296, The Mountain Goat

*Part of Rapido’s The Titfield Thunderbolt range

Rapido Trains UK Bedford OB


Rapido Trains UK Bedford OB

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“There seemed to be no end to the different configurations of headlamps and wing mirrors. This is compounded by additional rear lights, reflectors and side indicators being fitted to replace the less than effective originals," said Rapido Trains UK's Sales & Marketing Manager, Richard Foster.

Rapido Trains UK Bedford OB

Rapido Trains UK Bedford OB

"We’ve had to make tough decisions on what we can tool and what we can’t. There will be one or two compromises in places, but we’ve tried to cover all options by offering a choice of customer-fit parts. That said, we’re confident that we’re producing the definitive 1:76 scale Bedford OB. We’ve tooled three different Duple Vista body styles; we’ve got working steering and the roof slides open to reveal a full interior,” he added.

Find the complete list of liveries and full details, including pricing, on the Rapido Trains website.




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