Back to back gauge for 4mm:1ft modellers from Eileens Emporium

05 March 2020
This new castellated back-to-back gauge from model railway tool and consumables supply specialist, Eileens Emporium offers four back-to-back gauge widths for finescale and standard gauge modellers alike.

Eileens Emporium is now stocking four-in-one back-to-back gauges for 4mm:1ft scale modellers. Ideal for checking the tolerances of wheelsets in OO gauge, the castellated unit simply fits between the wheels of your models and the wheels are pushed against it, ensuring they are to the required tolerances.

castellated gauge 

Each unit has tolerances clearly engraved in favour of paint which can rub away.

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For further details and current pricing, visit Eileen's Emporium website.


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