Bachmann enters 7mm:1ft scale market through EFE Rail brand

03 May 2023
"Toe dipped into new market", says manufacturer, as Class 15 diesel promised for 'O' alongside new additions to EFE Rail range.

Bachmann Europe Plc today revealed its latest collection of new products with the launch of the Summer 2023 British Railway Announcements.

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EFE Rail 2mm:1ft scale

China Clay EFE Rail 2mm:1ft scale

Today new tooling has been unveiled for EFE Rail, with the PBA Tiger Wagons being offered in N gauge for the first time. Previously released in 'OO' under the EFE Rail brand, the bogie China clay wagons will be produced in both the white and blue liveries of English China Clays, with weathered and pristine renditions of each livery on offer.

  • E87524 PBA Tiger TRL 33 70 9382 069 ECC Blue £44.95
  • E87525 PBA Tiger TRL 33 70 9382 059 ECC Blue £44.95
  • E87526 PBA Tiger TRL 33 70 9382 073 ECC Blue [W] £49.95
  • E87527 PBA Tiger TRL 33 70 9382 075 ECC Blue [W] £49.95
  • E87528 PBA Tiger TRL 11601 ECC International White £44.95
  • E87529 PBA Tiger TRL 11603 ECC International White £44.95
  • E87530 PBA Tiger TRL 11606 ECC International White [W] £49.95
  • E87531 PBA Tiger TRL 11610 ECC International White [W] £49.95

EFE Rail 4mm:1ft scale

For OO gauge, its popular ‘Pacer’ Diesel Multiple Units return in two more colour schemes, while the PRA four-wheel China Clay wagons continue the China Clay theme into 'OO', six models are available in both early and late liveries.

Class 143 DMU

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  • E83022 Class 143 2-Car DMU 143001 BR Provincial (Original) £249.95
  • E83031 Class 144 2-Car DMU 144003 BR WYPTE Metro £249.95

PRA China Clay wagon EFE Rail

  • E87062 PRA China Clay Wagon RLS 6312 (Early) £52.95
  • E87063 PRA China Clay Wagon RLS 6311 (Early) £52.95
  • E87064 PRA China Clay Wagon RLS 6304 (Early) £52.95
  • E87065 PRA China Clay Wagon RLS 6303 (Late) £52.95
  • E87066 PRA China Clay Wagon RLS 6307 (Late) £52.95
  • E87067 PRA China Clay Wagon RLS 6310 (Late) £52.95

EFE Rail 7mm:1ft scale

The final new EFE Rail model unveiled today sees the brand dip its toe in the O gauge market for the first time with the Class 15 diesel locomotive. One of British Rail’s Pilot Scheme designs, 44 of these Type 1 Diesels were built by the Yorkshire Engine Company and the Clayton Equipment company to a British Thompson-Houston design.

EFE Rail Class 15

Eight models will be available from EFE Rail, all wearing BR green livery like the prototypes, but with variations including all over green with or without numbers on the nose ends, with the addition of small yellow warning panels, or with full yellow ends.

  • E84701 Class 15 D8201 BR Green (Late Crest) £369.95
  • E84702 Class 15 D8215 BR Green (Late Crest) £369.95
  • E84703 Class 15 D8200 BR Green (Late Crest) £369.95
  • E84704 Class 15 D8204 BR Green (Late Crest) £369.95
  • E84705 Class 15 D8234 BR Green (Small Yellow Panels) £369.95
  • E84706 Class 15 D8219 BR Green (Small Yellow Panels) £369.95
  • E84707 Class 15 D8235 BR Green (Full Yellow Ends) £369.95
  • E84708 Class 15 D8239 BR Green (Full Yellow Ends) £369.95

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