Asis 3D introduces GWR milepost markers

10 May 2021
Supplied in 4mm:1ft and 7mm:1ft scales as a set and customisable, this new release from the manufacturer adds lineside detail to GWR and BR (WR) layouts.

Manufacturer, Asis 3D has provided details on its new GWR mile posts signs, supplied as a set of four in 4mm:1ft and 7mm:1ft scales. Full mile, quarter mile, half mile and three-quarter mile versions are available and customers can choose any mileage they require to their specifications, each item being edited to suit, before being printed.

Owner of Asis 3D, Andrew Sisley said, "These were developed for my own model in 4mm:1ft scale where I needed a post displaying 208 ½ miles. I have offered a discount for anyone that can identify the exact location of 208 and half miles on the real railway, but nobody has identified it yet."

Mileposts are supplied with a spigot on the base for easier location into baseboards, though are said to be "fiddly" to paint in 4mm:1ft scale, and easier to paint in 7mm:1ft scale.

Asis 3D point machine

In other news, the manufacturer has developed a point machine. In 7mm:1ft and 4mm:1ft scales, the SGE logo is visible on the top face of the point motor. Andrew added, "The detail that is possible with modern resin printers in very impressive and I’ve had very positive feedback on this item."

Asis 3D equipment box

Further additions to its range of products include an equipment and relay box with legs, and a wooden relay box for 4mm:1ft and 7mm:1ft scales with spigots for ease of installation.

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For full specifications, including current pricing and availability on these new additions, see the Asis 3D website.


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