Artool airbrush templates available via Airbrush Company

02 September 2020
From complex curves to organic lines, these airbrush templates are being distributed in the UK via The Airbrush Company of Lancing, West Sussex.

Model airbrush and accessories retail specialist, The Airbrush Company is distributing a range of templates aimed specifically at airbrush artists, though equally of use to model airbrush users.

airbrush company artool pocketgrafx templates

Designed by Scott MacKay, Artool's PocketGraFX Freehand Airbrush Templates each measure 3.5in x 2in, and are available in six guises with Pocket Shred, Rivet Master, Metal Master, Filigree Flourish, Pyro Curve and Shatter patterns from which to choose. A seventh, measuring 7.625in x 6.75in includes negative space which can be used to create reverse curves or effects.

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airbrush company artool pocketgrafx templates

For current pricing and availability, visit the website.


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