Albion Hobbies highlights range of modelling consumables

10 February 2023
Model product distributor imports VMS range of weathering powders, modelling adhesives and more.

Albion Hobbies is now distributing the VMS range of products to its UK-stockists. Widely-available in model shops, the Albion Hobbies range at present covers its popular Albion Alloys range of brass, nickel-silver and phosphor-bronze products, the Mr. Hobby range of paint and associated consumables, model scenery products and more.

Joining its offerings from the VMS range, and expected to be popular with modellers is a selection of commonly-used adhesives, with cyano-acrylates of different viscosities.

VMS adhesives

For finishing models, the VMS range includes commonly-used colours of weathering powders. These can be dry-brushed to models, or used in conjunction with its alkyd or acrylic binders to build up textures with the pigments.

VMS weathering powders

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Designed to create model tarpaulins, as fitted over cargo in transit, its WFU Modelling Paper can be used in conjunction with its Paper Shaper fluid, which acts as a hardener, to create the look of a fitted sheet for protection against the elements. 

VMS models canvas model

For further details of the VMS range, consult the Albion Hobbies website. For pricing of the range, see your local Albion Hobbies stockist.


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