Airing now – series two of Hornby: A Model World

18 January 2023
Now broadcasting on UK TV's Yesterday channel, the second glimpse into life 'behind the scenes' of the model manufacturer is met with positive results.

Trains – tick, model trains – tick, rarely-filmed footage of model development – also tick. The second series of Hornby: A model world is now airing on Yesterday, introducing the manufacturing of models, and the hobby of model railways to audiences old and new.

Already met with generally very positive feedback – there's never any pleasing some – the show seeks to share life behind the doors of arguably Britain's most famous model manufacturer. If you missed the first episode of the programme, you can still watch it online, via UKTV Play, alongside oddly, episode 11 from the series. 

The first episode follows the development of one of Hornby's flagship models from its new and exciting TT:120 range – LNER 'Pacific' 4-6-2 4472 Flying Scotsman, a derivative of which we received recently for review in the Spring 2022 issue of BRM. You can watch our first look at the new model here.

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Meanwhile, across on RMweb, viewers of the first episode have commented:

"Really enjoyed episode one.  The TT range looks really good - shame that the condition of my eyesight is in inverse proportion to improvements in small scale model fidelity. This is the kind of programme that puts a big grin on my face. – Darius

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"The passion shared by all during the show felt fairly genuine, for the most part. It was especially nice to see various team members discussing and reminiscing about the various models (part 2/11), as well as more famous faces like Carol Flavin and Pete Waterman. In part 1, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Kathy Millatt building Port Dinorwic, too. Amazing the effort that went into such a well-modelled and inspiring scene built in such a short timeframe. "If you can approach the episodes as a light entertainment programme aimed mainly at non-modellers. I think you'll enjoy it a lot more. And if you can't, or still disagree, then fair enough - it's probably not for everyone!" – SouthernRegionSteam

We've enjoyed watching the first few episodes of the series – and not just because it's railway-related entertainment. There's an art in making a watchable programme for TV, and we feel that the fine balance between expectations of the casual observer and enthusiast has been met.

Kathy Millatt Port Dinorwic model railway OO gauge British Railway Modelling

Kathy Millatt's Port Dinorwic – read how the layout was built in the Spring 2023 issue of BRM, on-sale February 23 in print, with digital copies being available to WOR+ members or digital edition users/subscribers from February 16.

Are you enjoying the series so far? Watch the series on UK TV Play or Yesterday channel, and let us know what you think.


David Rosser...I think that the Scotsman which misbehaved was a very old tender drive(!) version rather than the new TT version which the program concentrated on. How on earth the team making the programme missed that I have no idea! Hey ho.

Posted by Steve Barrett on Fri 20 Jan 19:36:19

In episode 1 of the second series close up footage of the Flying Scotsman clearly shows the linkage stationary, the wheels stationary but the loco moving? Then the linkage stutters around a bit but the loco continues at the same pace. It wasn't a stroboscope effect so what was happening?

Posted by David Rosser on Fri 20 Jan 19:20:08