Airbrush cleaning set receives update

24 February 2022
Iwata revises its popular Airbrush Cleaning kit, to contain even more useful accessories for regular airbrush users.

Airbrush manufacturer Iwata has released a new Cleaning Kit. Designed to be used by regular airbrush users – regardless of brand – to maintain airbrushes in peak condition, the new units are arriving with stockists.

Iwata airbrush cleaning kit

The Iwata Airbrush Cleaning Kit has been re-released in an updated guise, including the same tools as used by its technicians to clean and restore airbrushes to original condition. Unique tools and instructions included guide users through cleaning and maintaining any style of airbrush.

The new kit includes the following items:

  • Medea Airbrush Cleaner - Highly concentrated and ready-to-use for airbrushes and most surfaces
  • Medea Thread Sealer - A small amount applied to nozzle, head and air cap threads will ensure an airtight seal and keep airbrushes spraying as intended
  • Extra Small Cleaning Brushes - For the smallest openings and crevices of your airbrush
  • Cleaning Brush - Stiff bristled brush for cleaning your airbrush cup
  • Pipe Cleaners - With non-shedding fibres
  • Iwata Nozzle Wrench - Easily remove a nozzle without damage
  • Iwata LED Magnifier - See parts up close at 30x/60x with white and blue LED lights
  • Iwata Premium Airbrush Lubricant - A small drop keeps airbrush parts moving smoothly
  • Illustrated cleaning instructions - Step-by-step process to get your airbrush clean and pristine
  • Iwata Case - All cleaning tools in a convenient case

The new cleaning kits are being stocked by The Airbrush Company. For current pricing and further details, visit its website.

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