Accurascale's PFAs to return with new liveries

01 June 2021
The manufacturer reveals a new production run of its coal and low-level nuclear waste container wagons for 'OO', with new running numbers and identities, deliveries for which are expected later this year.

These distinctive wagons debuted in the mid-1980s in Cawoods Coal livery, bringing domestic coal to ports for export. Running in long block trains behind Class 37s and 56s, they made for an attractive and different sight on the network.

Following its two previous runs of the wagon in Cawoods livery, Accurascale is offering two new packs of three wagons featuring new numbers. In the mid-1990s Cawoods yellow was swapped for British Fuels red, and another livery with white branding was born.

Cawoods PFA

Accurascale is adding a new pack to its four previous packs that were released in the first run of its wagons. New numbers are available, making them suitable for enterprise workings or longer block trains, giving modellers a variety in their stock.

Accurascale British fuels red

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Finally, its low-level nuclear waste containers of the DRS era is said to have been Accurascale's best-selling wagon combination. Its previous wagon run was sold out within 10 days of arrival, but is to return to satisfy demand, with new artwork. Wagons will match its KUA wagons and forthcoming Class 37s in DRS livery.

For further details, including current pricing and availability, visit the Accurascale website, or visit your local stockist.


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