Accurascale's new Class 55: five things we like

23 June 2022
Is it detailed? Does it run well? And, is it capable of hauling an engineering brick, clad with mortar? All reasonable questions the average modeller will ask, answered.

Five things we love about Accurascale’s new OO gauge Deltic model…

1. Performance

There probably is no stronger puller in OO gauge than the power this 828g locomotive delivers. We ran out of coaches and track space to take it to the limit so had to adopt a novel approach. Watch in the video, below:

2. Details – everywhere!

No matter where you look there are details to a fascinating standard from the etched roof grilles and fans.

Accurascale Deltic

3. Finescale provision

As with many Accurascale products the design caters for those wishing to fit EM and P4 wheelsets.

Accurascale Deltic

4. Alternative headcodes

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Accurascale recognises that modellers want variety and so supply 46 different headcodes to choose from, differing from those supplied.

Accurascale Deltic

5. Easy DCC fitting

No screws to undo, no clips to fight with – the central roof section can be lifted out and a 21-pin decoder inserted before replacing the roof with its magnets.

Accurascale Deltic

Ready Andy York's review in BRM August 2022 and read what others users think on RMweb here.


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