Accurascale's 'Deltic' – at maximum capacity!

07 July 2022
Keen to test the limits of Accurascale's new 'Deltic', we loaded it up with as many coaches as we could. Here's what we found...

The arrival of Accurascale's 'Deltic' diesel-electric Co-Co with modellers has generated much interest. You can read our review in the August 2022 issue of BRM here

High levels of detail aside, another of its star qualities is its tractive effort, and Andy York's recent 'science experiment' was interesting, too! However, to put things into context, we wanted to test how many coaches this locomotive was capable of hauling around a layout. Why? We don't know. But it seemed like fun, and that's what the hobby is about...

This 'test' would prove more useful, because of the curves and points in the track that would be encountered. More useful, how? Again, no idea, it's a scenario that's unlikely to ever face a modeller or collector, but it sounded like a plan at the time!

So, here are our 'scientific' results, and before pressing play, see if you can guess how many coaches it can haul by commenting, below:

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As you can see, it can haul more than any locomotive is likely to require, around even the largest of model railways. Despite the load, wheelspin from stationary wasn't present, and we suspect a further six or so coaches could have been added, but the tension-lock coupling NEM socket said otherwise, parting company from the chassis. Who could blame it? 

Read our review in the August 2022 issue of BRM here


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What a model,a credit to the real Deltics,which were and are fabulous machines,i made it 35 coachs,just amazing,what about a B16 Accurascale,has your first steam engine,its long overdue,one of the best mixed traffic engines,ever made heres hoping!

Posted by Eric Holmes on Fri 15 Jul 20:24:40

Wow. That is very impressive!

Posted by Trevor Whelan on Fri 08 Jul 08:17:42