Accurascale & World of Railways launch exclusive new wagons

09 January 2024
| has announced a partnership with Accurascale to launch an exclusive set of three British Steel-marked scrap wagons in a distinctive livery.

Almost a quarter of a million British Railways ‘standard’ 16-ton mineral wagons were produced from 1950 onwards, with withdrawals taking place continually through their period of use. British Steel acquired life-expired 16T minerals for moving scrap material to furnaces for recycling. This resulted in a hotch-potch of types, repairs and condition in an internal use livery, which was frequently little more than locally applied ownership marking, numbers and weights marked for the benefit of those handling the materials.


The set of three British Steel Corporation marked vehicles with patches, local renumbering and weight panels, are based on internal use wagons from within South Wales steel sites dating through the 1970s to 1980s. Our thanks are made to Hywel Thomas for research assistance in drawing up these typical wagons. For more details on the product specification and livery, click here.


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Priced at just £74.95 (including VAT), plus postage, for a boxed set of three wagons, the production run is strictly limited to 250 sets. Delivery is expected late in 2024, and orders can be placed today with a £25.00 deposit. Click here to pre-order your wagons.


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