Accurascale SR Banana van decorated samples arrive

25 May 2023
Accurascale has released photographs of the decorated samples of its Southern Railway D1478 and D1479 Diagram Banana Vans in OO/4mm, and issues a progress report on their delivery to modellers.

The samples of these wagons have been evaluated by the Accurascale Product Development team, with particular attention paid to the logos of the differing banana importers, and getting the torn and worn look of these labels spot on, just like the prototypes. Distressing has also been added to the roof area of the departmental 'Tadpole' vehicles, to reflect their later life condition, complete with replacement and beaten planking.

The roof distressing is a complex and expensive process of tampo design and printing, but Accurascale feels it just adds that extra bit of realism to the models.

These models are now signed off and production is now underway, with Accurascale’s original delivery schedule of Q3 2023 remaining on course. Prices are £84.95 per triple pack of individually numbered wagons, each with their own unique decoration and a wealth of separately applied details and brass bearings for axles to ensure silky smooth running. 

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Modellers can pre-order direct via the Accurascale website, or via their local stockist.

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