Accurascale show new images of their forthcoming OO gauge Class 37 models

04 September 2020
The firm has provided updates of what they claim is their most ambitious project to date, the Class 37, with new CAD renders of the locomotives being designed.

The aim is to bring modellers variants of this popular design that haven't been available in RTR form in the past.

Current plans involve the production of the original first five locomotives built, and the Class 37/6, a modern rebuild of the classic English Electric design - essentially, the first and last of the class.

With the 37/6, there is a wealth of subtle differences between the locomotives, with the four locos in the render above all containing intricate nose differences between each other which will be included on the models.  All seven of the Class 37/6 models consist of completely different body and underframe configurations.

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Samples should be available in November, with decorated samples following early in 2021.

The full details of each model can be found on the Accurascale website.


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