Accurascale revises 'Coil As' for new batches

24 January 2023
Models of the BR 'Coil A' wagons for 4mm:1ft scale return with revisions and different running numbers.

Accurascale is to produce further runs of the BR diagram 1/412 to Lot 3450 'Coil A' wagons for 4mm:1ft scale. Models are to feature  improvements and new identities to reflect the diverse lives and eras of the real wagons. Packs are priced at £74.95 per triple pack, with delivery of models expected in Q2, 2023.

Accurascale COil A

Similar to the MDO and MDV production runs of wagons, its Coil A models are also receiving alterations to the chassis area, including 26mm axles to streamline finescale conversion.

Accurascale is to offer two packs in this latest production run, both with TOPS marking of SFV and SFW respectively. To reflect the fragility of the tarp covers throughout their careers, this latest run of wagons feature patches and differing colours which are all based on prototype photos to cater for the varied nature of the real wagons.

Pack D contains the SFV coded ex-Coil As, all at the end of Era 7 (BR TOPS period), as SFV branding was carried by the remaining 29 wagons from 1984, all working from South Wales.

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  • B949134 circa 1985 at Newport Docks, still carrying its Coil-A-VB designation, as well as SFV
  • B949164 noted at Newport Docks 26/4/84
  • B949168 noted ‘out of area’ at Margham 27/4/86

Pack D

Models in Pack D.

Pack E contains the SFW coded 'ex-CoilAs', air-piped conversions of Diagram 1/412, Lot 3450 'Coil-A' wagons carried out in 1983. The SFW designated wagons worked Speedlink trains into Newport Docks and Poole, in Dorset, for export traffic, where they ran in block rakes, mixed with other steel wagons, but particularly with 'Coil B', Bogie 'Coil V' and Bogie Strip 'Coil K' wagons.

Pack E

Models in Pack E.

A total of 29 wagons were converted to SFWs. As the Southern Region was all air-brake only at this time, Accurascale believes this may have been the main deciding factor for conversion. The SFWs remained in service until 1992, by which time the 21 survivors were all operating out of Llanwern.


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