Accurascale reveals latest 78XX 'Manor' 'EP'

22 April 2021
Since sharing plans and an early test shot of its first tooling in February, the manufacturer updates on its GWR 4-6-0 locomotive expected to arrive later this year.

Accurascale has made further progress on its forthcoming GWR 78XX 4-6-0 'Manor' Class loocmotive, with the revealing of a fully-tooled sample with detail parts and etchings fitted. Previously revealed in February, the manufacturer is keen to point out that this is an early tooling sample, Accurascale outlined that there will be further refinements to plastic, die-cast and etched parts, as well as tweaks to the tooling based on this first sample. Much use has been made of die-casting to ensure as much weight as possible is added to the locomotive to aid traction as well as smooth and reliable running.

Accurascale 4-6-0 Manor

Accurascale commented, "High-fidelity etched and plastic components add that extra finesse to elevate this model to the next level, giving the Accurascale Manor a quality and robust feel. This first sample is used as is a process of evaluating and assessing the tooling, and looking at what improvements can be made to the design."Accurascale 4-6-0 Manor

The manufacturer has also listened to feedback from modellers, and along with their own improvements will be implementing as many of these upgrades as possible. This will include alternative driving wheels with no webbed areas opposite the balance weights and an alternative 1952-style firebox washout plug arrangement. Accurascale is also aiming to make the slidebars thicker to more accurately represent the prototypes, removing the cutouts from the front of the cylinders, adding the valve gear splashplate on the fireman's side, reinstating the missing central pipe on the cab backhead, reducing the length of the elongated rivets on the front running plate and adding the lip to the front and rear of the raised section of the running plate over the cylinders.

Accurascale 4-6-0 Manor

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Last week saw Accurascale achieve another milestone with its project as it travelled to the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway and recorded the sound of 7820 Dinmore Manor for its DCC sound-fitted locomotives. Decorated and sound-fitted samples are said to arrive soon, with Accurascale saying it is on course to deliver the finished models in Q4, 2021.

For further details on this model, including current pricing and availability, visit your local Accurascale stockist, or the Accurascale website.

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The Manor looks interesting

Posted by Michael Farmer on Fri 18 Jun 17:00:33