Accurascale Class 55 Deltic Project Update

21 January 2020
It's been three months since Accurascale’s first pre-production prototype of the Deltic broke cover and arrived for assessment from China. While Accurascale were very happy with the shape and overall look of the model, it was felt that there were several areas to improve.

These included:

  • Shoulder grills
  • Bogie adjustments
  • Roof fans
  • Roof fan grills
  • Handrail adjustments on the front
  • Glazing
  • Buffer cowling and shank

After a period of testing, it was decided that some improvements in running performance were required too.

Accurascale originally thought that these changes would be done in a very short period of time. After a series of discussions with the factory, it has become apparent that these changes will take longer than we had envisaged to be implemented.

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The changes requested above are well underway, though Chinese New Year will delay work for almost six weeks. A revised delivery date of late May is now stated for decorated samples, which will include mechanism improvements and the cosmetic improvements that have been requested on the above list. Accurascale’s high demands meant that some retooling was required and this is currently occurring in China.

Once Accurascale and its commission partners are happy with decoration samples production can commence. This will give a delivery date of models to customers of late November 2020. Accurascale apologises sincerely for this further delay. Accurascale wants these models to do the mighty Deltic justice, and they have to be right. Accurascale apologises for this delay but the finished models on the layouts and collections will be well worth the wait.



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