A sweet-toothed wagon

08 August 2023
Confectionary-themed wagon exclusive – yours, with a bag of sweets included!

Rails of Sheffield has taken delivery of limited-edition wagons, sporting the blue colours and logo of local confectionary maker, Maxons. Supplied with a 250g bag of Maxon's Yorkshire Mixture sweets, the limited-editions, priced at £24.95, follow its previously-released items celebrating local food manufacturing, such as its Henderson's Relish wagon

Maxons is a family-run business in Sheffield, in operation since the 1880s, and is one of the few remaining traditional sweet manufacturers in the north of England. 

Maxons sweet wagon Rails of Sheffield exclusive Yorkshire Mix

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For further imagery of the wagon exclusive, visit the Rails of Sheffield website.


These little wagons and vans with a sample of the relevant product are great fun. I have bought a few and missed out on some. My request would be one for Wards Sheffield Best Bitter.

Posted by Richard Skelton on Fri 11 Aug 15:38:10