A grand day out at Pendon

20 October 2019
RMweb Gold members enjoyed a terrific day out at the world-famous Pendon museum last week. You could join them next time.

Friday 18th October saw the first RMweb Gold member exclusive event - a visit to the world-famous Pendon museum

Enjoying a full day of activity, the party split into three groups.

The first headed for a tour of John Aherns Madder Valley Railway and Pendon's own Dartmoor scene. The volunteer curators talked them through the models on display with plenty of time to enjoy the trains on the Dartmoor layout and ask questions. Being in a group of like-minded enthusiasts encouraged more detailed and technical discussions, which those taking the tour were delighted to encourage. 

The second group took part in practical sessions. Nick Wood taught scenic techniques while Mick Bonwick encouraged participants to have a go at weathering models. Many attendees had brought along suitable projects that they were able to work on under supervision.

Finally, the third group spent time with the jewel in the museum's crown - the Vale scene.

This wasn't a normal tour with the visitors kept safely behind glass, the guides were happy to open the protective windows to allow photography, something everyone wanted to try in both daylight and nighttime modes for the scene.

This was a proper "behind the scenes" tour with a trip into the middle of the scene to see how the trains operate and follow the convoluted track system around this massive model. Inspection hatches were opened, modelling techniques explained and again, all those detailed questions raised by a group of enthusiasts answered.

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After completing their part of the tour, each group moved around so everyone enjoyed plenty of time with each activity. 

"Brilliant day. Grateful thanks to both the Pendon team for their unending enthusiasm and knowledge and also to the RMweb team for organising it all. "

"Gold Star; it was a brilliant day and very many thanks to the Pendon team for their very enthusiastic work today."

Just a couple of the comments from those taking part.

If you fancy enjoying future exclusive RMweb Gold member activities, as well as access to over 12 years of BRM back numbers - visit our sign-up page and we look forward to seeing you at the next event. 




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