Sustainable airbrush thread seal enters market

17 May 2022
The Airbrush Company stocks new airbrush thread seal from Medea, made using bees wax.

The Airbrush Company is stocking a new product introduced by Medea for use on airbrushes. Thread Sealer has been created in a partnership between Portland Bee Balm and Medea, and is said to have a "unique balance of organic bees wax and oils". The product is being offered as an alternative to other petroleum-based derivatives on the market to lubricate, and seal small threads and O-rings in airbrushes.

The Airbrush Company said, "Thread Sealer creates the ideal consistency for reenforcing air-tight metal to metal connections. Effective, safe and easy to apply, this exclusive formula is the newest 'must have' for airbrush maintenance."

The product can be used on all airbrushes, spray guns and tools with threaded parts and without degrading seals.

Thread Sealer is designed to remedy and prevent bubbles in the airbrush cup and bottle through air leaks. The product comes in a simple, no mess applicator and extends the life of parts which can suffer from fatigue.

Made in Oregon with all natural, organic skin-safe ingredients, the sticks are available individually or as the newest component of The Airbrush Company's bestselling Iwata Airbrush Cleaning Kit.

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For further details, pricing and availability, visit the Airbrush Company website.


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