75-year-old model railway for sale

25 January 2021
The Model Railway Club seeks a new owner for a post-war O gauge layout, located in Newbury, Berkshire.

London's Model Railway Club – the oldest model railway club in the UK – has been tasked with finding a new owner for a 1946-built O gauge layout, measuring 4.2m x 3.4m, and currently located in a loft in Newbury, Berkshire.

Its most recent owner is the late John Hall-Craggs, better known for his extensive 9 1/2in gauge garden railway and collection. Paperwork found, shows the layout was originally built in 1946 in Epsom, and spent some time in Derbyshire, before moving to its current home.

The Model Railway Club commented, "It is outside third-rail powered, and built to the standards of the time. But, unlike many older layouts, the track is very well built and in good condition in most areas, with one section that needs some light work. The track is built in modules on sections that can be separated, with fishplates across the joints. The straight sections are roughly 1m x 60cm. The ballast could be improved, but could also be left broadly as is to retain the period character."

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Points are said to be controlled from local levers which are "very well engineered – the linkage across a board joint has been designed to be split and re-joined." Facing crossings are also said to have adjustments if needed, but at present are set up to throw points accurately. Signals are controlled by fine string – one gantry is in place and working, the other "could be reinstalled."

The track sections are resting on a wooden frame which is fixed to the house – so the ‘layout’ is the track bed assemblies including lever frame shown and a selection of buildings. COVID-19 restrictions make viewing impossible, however, The Model Railway Club has filmed it for prospective buyers...

Further information, including the break-down of lots can be sought by contacting The Model Railway Club via its website.


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