4mm scale Pre-grouping coachs kits from Poppy's Woodtech

15 January 2020
Laser-cut in plywood, these kits are designed to be quick and easy to assemble.

If the idea of an etched brass kit doesn't appeal, but your layout needs rolling stock to run behind your pre-grouping locomotives, Poppy's Woodtech has launched a new range of kits that might fit the bill.

Just like the prototype, these models are made from wood, although in the 21st Century, this is laser-cut plywood.

To aid assembly, a jig to provide the correct curvature to the roof is included with each model.

The range currently consists of:

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  • NER 6 wheel all 3rd and 3rd Brake
  • Highland 6 wheel all 3rd and Locker Composite

The models are also available in 7mm scale.

Etched Clemonson underframe kits and 3D printed detail sets are available to finish the models.

For more details, visit: www.poppyswoodtech.co.uk



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