4D Models launches "Build a Tree" service

18 September 2020
If you are looking for a ready-made forest, this new service may save you a tree-mendous amount of time.

London-based model shop 4D has launched a new website service from their Scenics Team.

BUILD-A-TREE allows the modeller to create their own model trees from the firm's stock of armatures and texture colours.

The simple website tool allows modellers to chose:

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  • Trunk Type (only etched available at the moment)
  • Trunk Colour (brown - white - fawn)
  • Trunk Height (6-200mm)
  • Foliage

This puts 2,206 model tree options at the modellers fingertips!

Trees will typically be made within 3 working days of the order.

More details on the BUILD-A-TREE website.


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