3D-printed Irish Monorail kit from Newman Miniatures

07 September 2020
Available to purchase via its online portal at www.shapeways.com, this quirky and rare prototype is being produced in an easy-to-assemble kit form.

Newman Miniatures, a 3D-printed model specialist retailing via www.shapeways.com has revealed its latest range of models, designed to represent the Listowel and Ballybunion Railway, opened in County Kerry, Ireland, in 1888.

Newman Miniatures' latest addition to the range is of one of the line’s twin-boilered Hunslet tender locomotives in original as-built condition, complete with a rendition of its auxiliary power tender. Built in England and shipped over it makes an unusual wagon load or static display model (track and rolling stock separately available), but can also be made into an operational model with the use of steel strip and magnets.

Newman miniatures monorail kit

Included with the kit are wheels for the locomotive and rolling stock (x16) and a headlamp which can be temporarily attached by gluing wire into its base and slotting into the locating hole at the front of the locomotive.

Its range of models can be printed in smooth fine plastic or smoothest fine plastic, depending on the level of finish sought by modellers. A range of locomotives, wagons, coaches and rail is available, with a 'flying gate' structure also available.

newman miniatures rolling stock

A number of select items of rolling stock are available from Newman Miniatures, with wheels available separately for scratch-builders.

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newman miniatures bridge

A 'flying bridge' as used to cross the elevated monorail and available in the range.


newman miniatures rail

3D-printed track is available too, designed to fit around nickel-silver N gauge rail.

The world’s first commercial passenger monorail operated until 1924, and remains one of the most famous monorail systems constructed. Although scrapped, a working replica was constructed in 2003, continuing the history of this remarkable railway experiment.  

For current pricing and availability, visit the manufacturer's kit store at www.shapeways.com 


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