24.5T hopper wagons to return for 'O'

12 January 2022
Accurascale's first O gauge model set to make comeback in new modified production run.

With artwork complete, decorated samples for a new run of Accurascale's 24.5T 'HOP24' wagons are expected to arrive with customers in Q3 2022. The announcement by the manufacturer which sees the return of its popular O gauge wagons will see more variants created, thanks to new liveries and a change to its tooling to offer two new buffer types. Seven wagons are to be offered in freight grey, and one in bauxite.

Accurascale HOP 24

The 'HOP 24' wagons provided the backbone of coal trains across the UK from their introduction in the 1950s until their withdrawal in the mid-1980s, when they were among the last unfitted wagons on BR. Accurascale's O gauge model of the prototype was its first in the scale and were well-received by modellers finding home on the most famous of layouts, such as Pete Waterman's 'Leamington Spa' (pictured) and Simon George's 'Heaton Lodge Junction'.

Read our video review of its first batch of these wagons.

Accurascale HUO 24.5T

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First released for OO gauge, Accurascale revisited its tooling and CAD design from scratch to develop its O gauge 'HOP 24' HUO model, first released in 2019. The manufacturer has expressed an interest in producing further models for the larger scale, and has brought this model back for a second production run following customer demand and "as a basis to build a further O gauge product line."

With prototype variations between different wagon batches, the additional buffer types will offer new and existing modellers greater variety and prototypical accuracy in their wagon fleets, with new running numbers, too.

Accurascale HUO 24.5T

For further details, pricing and availability, visit the Accurascale website.



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