2020 National Garden Railway Show Postponed

17 August 2020
The Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers regrets that in the light of the on-going uncertainty caused by the COVID 19 Pandemic, the 2020 National Garden Railway show planned for Saturday 14th November 2020 will not go ahead.

The next National Garden Railway show will now take place on Saturday 26th June 2021.

This is later in the year than the show’s traditional March/April slot, so if restrictions on indoor events are tightened over winter, which could happen if there is a resurgence in the virus, there is time for the restrictions to return to levels which permit the staging of indoor events.

They hope, and will plan, for the same high levels of trader, society and layout support at the June 2021 show that have characterised the National Garden Railway Show since its inception. To this end, the association will continue working with Peterborough Arena, the local authority, exhibitors and traders to make sure that our show is compliant with the prevailing protocols for indoor events. They expect these to include entry only by ticket sold in advance, for all attendees to be scanned in and out, and potential restrictions on crowd density.

The Association anticipates the need to impose limits on visitor numbers, and/or restrictions on the duration of visitors’ stay inside the venue. Ticket sales will not reopen until these restrictions are understood and they will be transparent with ticket purchasers as to the terms of entry.

Tickets bought for the postponed April 2020 show will remain valid for the June 2021 show.

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If you have purchased a ticket for the April 2020 show you can still obtain a refund. However, if there is an increase in ticket prices for the June 2021 show, the association will not apply a retrospective increase to tickets which have already been paid for and are retained.

Further announcements will be made as the planning for the June 2021 show progresses, through the Association website: www.16mm.org.uk.

And the dedicated Show website : www.nationalgardenrailwayshow.org.uk

The decision to reschedule the National Garden Railway Show has not been taken lightly, but the Association Board believe it is the right thing to do at this time.


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