14T Air Ministry 'tanks' for OO emerge

26 November 2022
Dapol reveals EP samples of a new announcement for 4mm:1ft scale / OO gauge – a two-axle 'tank' wagon.

Dapol has made public its plans to create RTR models of the Class A and Class B conversions of the 14T Air Ministry tank wagons for OO gauge / 4mm:1ft scale.

World of Railways was given early access to assess plans for the models during a recent factory visit, and we were impressed by the profiled wheel faces, and its sprung suspension – the latter, a first for a mass-produced ready-to-run item of rolling stock in the scale.

Dapol 14T air tank wagon OO gauge

The majority of these tank wagons were built between 1939 and 1944 as Class A wagons for aviation fuel, being 17ft-6inch long on a 10ft wheelbase fitted with RCH either side braking and split oil axle boxes. The tank had a 7ft 2in diameter containing 4275 gallons, and was saddle-mounted with two small platforms on the top.

Post-war, around 1947, surplus tank wagons were converted to Class B fitted with heating coils to help discharge of viscous fuel and bottom discharge. All Class A tanks had gone out of service by 1971 with the last B Class tank following in 1973.

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Features of its new models are as follows:

  • Class A & Class B wagons to be produced
  • Detailed body shell and chassis
  • Many separately added fine details, including separate platforms and ladders where appropriate
  • NEM coupling
  • Finely profiled wheels (front and back)
  • Full sprung chassis – a first for OO gauge RTR models

Dapol 14T air tank wagon OO gauge

Proposed models are as follows:

  • (4F-058-001) 14T Tank Wagon Class A Esso Silver 298
  • (4F-058-002) 14T Tank Wagon Class A Shell BP Silver A7498
  • (4F-058-003) 14T Tank Wagon Class A Regent (Red Letters) Silver 101
  • (4F-058-004) 14T Tank Wagon Class A Shell Motor Spirit Silver 7522
  • (4F-058-005) 14T Tank Class A Lobitos (Blue/ Red shade) Stone 107
  • (4F-059-001) 14T Tank Wagon Class B Shell - BP Black 5172
  • (4F-059-002) 14T Tank Wagon Class B Esso Black 1869
  • (4F-059-003) 14T Tank Wagon Class B Shell - BP Black 5133
  • (4F-059-004) 14T Tank Wagon Class B Shell Esso Black 1914
  • (4F-059-005) 14T Tank Wagon Class B Berry Wiggins Black 101

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